Holistic Art Therapy (Art Psychotherapy)

A Time of reflection, Self-exploration & personal growth


ART has the power to make the invisible visible. Creativity is our vital life force. 

We use art as a medium of communication between the client and their deep consciousness. The part of us that we know as who we are is just the tip of an iceberg and below that, in our profound unconscious world, keys for our personal growth are hidden. 

Art not only helps us to express our feelings freely but also allows us to access our inner-world gently. 

Art Therapy is about embarking on a personal journey of self-exploration, finding the true cause of our issues and healing our selves who are trapped in our past. Through this process, we welcome a new chapter of our lives. Facilitated by a qualified Art Psychotherapist, you will be supported to release your accumulated emotions that are obscuring your perception, gain insights into positive changes you could make and assisted to nurture your unique gifts.

Prior experience in art is NOT necessary.  To play with art materials, just like a small child will take you a long way!

Sessions are available for both children and adults.