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Nondual Art Therapy

In Nondual Art Therapy, we apply Nondual approach to the process of art making, interaction with others and ourselves. No previous experience or skills in art are needed, as the focus of the session is on the process itself. Here, we simply use art as a means to externalise the functioning of our dualistic mind and create an opportunity to be the witnessing presence of our internal phenomena with which ultimate healing take place. The sessions are designed to support expanding your ability to access your inherent capacity to unconditionally witness your experience (thoughts, ideas, feelings, sensations and perceptions) and liberate yourself from the trap your own mind. Through this process, you are invited to gain insight into how your mind works and become conscious of your conditioning that limit your view of the world, others & yourself. The process helps you to inquire into the nature of your experience and intergrade all the aspect of yourselves regardless of its quality transcending your judgment. When we become able to accept whole aspect of ourselves and embrace its imperfection, we become at ease with ourselves and the life itself.


In Nondual Art Therapy you are invited to:


  • Externalise the functioning of the dualistic mind and explore the nature of your experience (thoughts, feelings, sensations & perceptions).

  • Inquire into your self-limiting identity and explore your direct experience of yourself, rather than who/what you think you are.

  • Explore the nature of your conditioning (judgement, preference & aversion) that superimposed upon your experience and discover your true nature.

  • Recognise nondual dimension of yourself and help familiarise with your inherent capacity to unconditionally witness your experience.

  • Immersing yourself to the open-ended exploration and spontaneous dissolution of self-limiting ideas, beliefs and habitual thought patterns that keeps your suffering.

  • Natural release of the stagnant energy of unprocessed emotions and trauma that engrained in your bodily system.

  • Sessions duration: 1 hour

  • Frequency: Flexible according to clients' needs. Normally meet weekly or forthrightly but monthly session can be offered if the client feel comfortable with this frequency.

  • Meeting format:  In person or Video Call meetings via GoogleMeet, Zoom or Skype