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Intergration Art process .HEIC

Holistic Art Psychotherapy

Art can help us to externalise our feelings and thoughts safely, making them visible where they can be seen objectively. In other words, it allows us to witness our own mind stream. The Art Therapy offered here is an explorative process of self-discovery and healing. No previous experience or skills in art are needed.

We use art making as a doorway into our consciousness and to discover our unconditioned nature and inherent capacity to heal ourselves. This process not only allows us to release the stagnant energy of emotional trauma but also helps to shed the light of awareness onto our emotional attachments, habitual thinking patterns and beliefs that are causing our suffering. Awareness is the key to self-liberation, healing and personal growth. The more we become aware of our own conditioning (judgements, self-image, beliefs & preferences), the more we become able to liberate ourselves from those fixations that are restricting our vision. 

Through Holistic Art psychotherapy, you are invited to explore layers of your consciousness, gain insight into the behaviour of your mind & discover your true nature.

Realisation of our true nature reveals everlasting resources within and empowers you to live your life with authenticity and spontaneity. 

Welcome to the journey to your true Self!​

  • Sessions duration: 1 hour

  • Frequency: Flexible according to clients' needs. Normally meet weekly or forthrightly but monthly session can be offered if the client feel comfortable with this frequency.

  • Meeting format:  In person or Video Call meetings via GoogleMeet, Zoom or Skype 

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