Sessions for Adults


Option 1*

Art Therapy (weekly) +

Bach Flower Remedies

(once every 3 weeks)

This menu is for people who are suffering from: 

- Chronic anxiety

- Stress

- Relationship Issues

- Phobia

- Depression,


- Behavioural & emotional difficulties


These are an on-going therapy sessions that use the medium of art to release accumulated feelings, clarify the client’s thinking process and to work on the source of their emotional disequilibrium.

It supports the client’s self-restoration by assisting their transformative process, on an on-going basis.

The sessions look at the client’s “problems” as a way of gaining wisdom that may lead them to positive changes.

Prior experience in art is not necessary. Bach Flower Remedies will be provided once every 3 weeks to support the clients' emotional balance and enhance their progress.

*You can opt out Bach Flower Remedies from this menu and have Holistic Art Therapy session on its own, or you can also chose to have Bach Flower Remedies session (1h) without Art Therapy Sessions.

Option 2

Self- Development Session: 

Art Therapy + Bach Flower Remedies

(Both once every 3 weeks)

This session is for those who are looking for personal growth, to embrace their full potential. They should be able to carry their daily life independently and currently don't suffer from chronic depression, anxiety disorders or any other severe psychological conditions. 

The session is designed for those who are looking for further development, such as wanting to find the right direction, wishing to work on particular issues on themselves or to move on to the next stage of their lives, etc.

Reflecting on the result of initial assessment, frequency and number of sessions will be decided, in consultation with the clients.

​Group sessions could be offered, when there are enough participants > Group