Tomo Aoshima Williams MA, BA (Hons), BFRP

I am a Nondual practitioner, a qualified Art psychotherapist and registered Bach Flower practitioner. I was born & raised in Japan but have lived in the U.K, Spain and Singapore for the past 25 years. I currently reside in rural Hong Kong with my daughter & husband.

My practice is supported by over 18 years of experience working in the field of mental health care with children and adults with different abilities and disabilities, from a wide range of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

I have worked in a variety of settings such as hospitals, mental health clinics, social services, children's homes, schools and in natural disaster relief. 

I left Japan at the age of 18 to study Visual Communication Design in the UK. To explore my life further, I moved to Barcelona,  where I worked as a Graphic Designer & Illustrator for 4 years. During my life in Spain, I volunteered at a recreational centre for people with learning disabilities. There I met a man, whose eyes were always half closed and was rarely responsive. He appeared as though he was completely resigned from his life. I kept talking to him every time I saw him, despite his unresponsiveness and one day he suddenly opened his eyes wide and called my name. I gave him some paper and coloured pens and he proceeded to produce an amazingly colourful & vibrant artwork, in total contrast with his demeanour. I felt as though I was getting to know him for the first time. I thought that if I only knew what he was trying to express through his art, I could know him on a much deeper level, beyond his behaviour.

This encounter ignited my interest in art as a medium of communication that allows invisible consciousness to become visible. The possibilities of art and curiosity for the mystery of human consciousness led me to study a master’s in Art Psychotherapy. 

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My knowledge in psychology, human behaviour/emotion & non-verbal communication has helped me to gain diverse experience throughout my career. This has included taking roles such as Behavioural Support Associate, providing Art Psychotherapy for children and adolescents with emotional & behavioural difficulties in schools. I also set up & ran a school counselling service in a neighbourhood with a high crime rate, as well as organising an art retreat for children affected by a natural disaster. Alongside my work as a psychotherapist, I have provided training for teachers to support children’s behavioural issues at schools, as well as various workshops to explore one’s spirituality through art making. I also offer Clinical Supervision for fellow Art Psychotherapists and school counsellors. 

My own journey of healing & awakening process led me to extend my study from Psychodynamic Art Psychotherapy to Jungian Psychology, Integral Psychology, Metaphysics of A Course in Miracles, Zen Buddhism, Nondualism, Advaita Vedanta and Hatha Yoga.

These learnings and practices led me to look deeper within and helped me to expand my practice to holistically support my clients' unique personal evolution through different means.

Through my exploration of Nondual teaching, I met my mentor, Dr. Peter Fenner, a leader in the adoption and transmission of Asian nondual wisdom and the pioneer of the development of Nondual therapy. With his guidance, my recognition of our inherent capacity to librate ourselves deepened. 

I enjoy being in nature, making art, playing piano, ukulele, guitar and singing, as well as spending my time with my family, friends and my clients.

Language available in the session:

English - Fluent

Japanese - Fluent

Spanish - Intermediate 


Health & Care Professional Council, U.K. (HCPC)

British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT)

The Dr. Edward Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioner (BFRP)

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Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner Training, Singapore

Master in Art Psychotherapy, Goldsmith College, University of London, UK

BA (Hons) Visual Communication Design, Middlessex University, London, UK

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