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Welcome to Moonlight Luminaria! 

Moonlight Luminaria offers opportunities for Self discovery.

Through the guidance of the therapist, you will be gently invited to look into your inner-environment in different light & assisted to discover your inherent resource.  We all have a capacity to transcend our feelings, thoughts & beliefs which are causing our suffering but many of us haven't been aware of this self-healing power within.

Difficulties in our lives are also invitations to awaken into our true nature that is free from the imprisonment of our psychological mind.

Let's discover unshakable peace & happiness within that are untouchable from our conditions.


Therapy House

The Therapy House is situated in a rustic Hakka village in the New Territories countryside. The village looks out over the Lam Tsuen valley, a view framed by an expansive skyline and beautiful mountains, which hide several nearby waterfalls.

Outreach work and Skype Sessions are offered for the clients who have difficulty traveling, 






Tomo Aoshima Williams

Art Psychotherapist/ Clinical Supervisor/ Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner




Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner Training, Singapore

Master in Art Psychotherapy, Goldsmith College, University of London, UK

Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication Design, Middlessex University, London, UK




Health & Care Professional Council (U.K)

British Association of Art Therapists

Hong Kong Association of Art Therapists

The Dr. Edward Bach Foundation International Register of Practitioner (BFRP)




Over 12 years of experience providing Art Psychotherapy. Extensive experience working with children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral difficulties and their families, as well as adults who wish to transform their lives



. Worked for organisations such as the National Health Service (NHS), The Meningitis Trust,  Kid’s Company, Slough Borough Council and The Place2Be in U.K.

In her role as a School Project Manager at award winning charity, The Place2Be, she established and ran an onsite school counseling/therapy service for a school community affected by poverty and high crime rate in West London. As a Behavioral Support Associate for Slough Borough Council, she also provided Art Therapy for a number of different primary and secondary schools in one of the most culturally diverse area on the outskirt of London.

Along with her collaborative work with the organisations, she established her own private practice Lotus Arts in 2006 and has been providing Personal therapy and Self-development Sessions for adults.

In 2012, she relocated to Singapore and established her company Moonlight Luminaria Pte. Ltd and continued developing her own therapy practice as well as Clinical Supervision for fellow therapists.

As her practice matured she began integrating her knowledge in spirituality (non-religious) into mainstream psychology and started to offer holistic therapy sessions, focusing on one's spiritual growth. During her 4 years of her life in Singapore, she also has collaborated with organisations such as The Red Pencil Foundation and Singapore Red Cross, providing Art therapy for children who were in care or experienced natural disaster.

She moved to rural part of Hong Kong in 2016 and integrated her love for nature into her practice and started the Therapy House, Moonlight Luminaria in a beautiful Lam Tsuen Valley in New Territories.



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