"Peace is the inner nature of humankind. If you find it within yourself, you will then find it everywhere."  Sri Ramana Maharsh

Our True nature

For centuries the realisation of our true nature has been considered as the highest achievement of one’s spiritual quest – transcendence of our suffering. 

Sages from a wide range of spiritual traditions and geographic origins throughout history (*1) taught us that the recognition of our Nondual nature to be the heart of our libration.

Nondual means "not two" or " "one without a second". 

The way we make sense of our world  is always dualistic thinking. I means that our thinking process only makes sense having a contrasting others, knowing of the opposite quality and interrelationship of cause and effect. Darkness & light, good & bad, right & wrong, happiness & suffering, cause & effect and I & "NOT I" (others & "the world").

All these concept can only make sense because of the co-arising of the contrasting pairs or concept. Everything is only definable has other side of same coin. Meaning that they are automatically conditioned and this is how our mind function.

However, enlightened sages throughout the history has been pointing us that our true nature is actually undefinable unlike our dualistic thinking try to portrait. What is that mean? It means that when we explore our experience directly, without aid of our thoughts, beliefs & ideas, we realise that our true nature is unconditioned. Many calls this unconditioned dimension of ourselves as "Unconditioned awareness" or "Nondual awareness*. 

This awareness is beyond the dualistic function of our mind, with its preferences and judgment of good & bad or right & wrong. Because it's not conditioned, it is limitless, absolutely open and free.

Whilst it might be uncommon for someone to be immersed in the Nondual awareness at all times, we can certainly have glimpses of it. Then we can gradually familiarise ourselves with the recognition of our true nature. 

The recognition of our nondual nature can open up our perspective in the most nurturing way and allow us to experience our lives with fundamental ease. When the light of Unconditioned Awareness is radiating through our mind, we can experience the conditioned existence called "my life" with openness. The sense of urgency fades away and we realise that our moment-to-moment experience is held by a profound underlying serenity, even during the turbulence of our lives. Here we are no longer controlled by our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and self-constructed identities. We are simply aware of their temporary nature, whilst resting in the freshness of every moment with complete openness.

The recognition of Unconditioned Awareness is like a seed landed in the most fertile soil. It will keep growing in you through your experience, and your life will be naturally pervaded by this wisdom. 


*1: Nondual awareness, No-boundary Awareness, Buddhamind, Shiva, Christ consciousness, No-mind, Mind-itself, Nothingness, Centerlessness, Suchness, That which is prior, Ultimate state of evolution, "Self" as "non-personal, all-inclusive awareness", etc.


"Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside."

Sri Ramana Maharshi